2024 Regional Telecommunications Review kicks off

2024 Regional Telecommunications Review kicks off

Feb 2, 2024

Rural, regional, and remote Australians are being encouraged to think about communications needs impacting them with consultation to be announced soon.

The Review is undertaken every 3 years and is an opportunity for people living and working in these areas to share their views and experiences using telecommunications services.

The Committee will undertake consultation across Australia with dates and locations set to be announced soon.

The Hon Alannah MacTiernan, former Western Australian Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food, has been appointed by the Australian government as Chair of the 2024 Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee.

Ms Kristy Sparrow, the Hon Fiona Nash, Dr Jessa Rogers, and Mr Ian Kelly have also been appointed to the Committee.

Committee reports are important in setting the regional communications policy agenda in the following years. In undertaking its Review, the Committee will closely examine the digital divide: ensuring people in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia have equitable access to telecommunications services compared to services available within urban areas.

The Committee will also consider particular issues that are identified in the Terms of Reference, including the current government investment program; the potential of and attitudes toward emerging technology; the needs of First Nations’ communities; the Universal Services Obligation; and the suitability of telecommunications during emergency situations.

Feedback from the community is integral in shaping the Committee’s findings and recommendations, with the 2021 Review receiving a record number of submissions, and leading to a series of actions to reduce the digital divide and improve outcomes across the country.

Consultation will commence in April with the report due to Government by December 2024.

To stay updated on consultation activities, and to find out more about the Review, visit www.rtirc.gov.au