ABC Heywire Trailblazers Program

ABC Heywire Trailblazers Program

Jun 20, 2022

Trailblazers is an opportunity for anyone aged between 18 to 28 who is driving positive social change projects in their regional communities and would like to see their work celebrated nationally.

 ABC Heywire is proud to announce and celebrate the winners of the 2022 Trailblazers program.

A new generation of changemakers are busy making regional Australia an even better place.

“They are deeply connected and deeply committed to their communities. Their stories are inspiring and uplifting and are loved by our audiences.

The Director of ABC Regional & Local, Judith Whelan, said this year’s Trailblazers’ cohort once again showed the depth of talent that existed amongst young people living in regional Australia.

Congratulations to Dubbo’s Jack Creswell, RDANSW’s recipient for his valuable podcast.

Farms Advice Podcast

Jack Cresswell (he/him) from Dubbo, NSW, Wiradjuri Country.

Sharing knowledge between farmers to soften the generational shift for farming families.

 ABC Heywire is proud to announce and celebrate the winners of the 2022 Trailblazers program.

A passion for agriculture is in Jack’s blood. He grew up on a multi-generational family property in Wilcannia, in Western NSW. But as he started connecting with other farming families, he realised there wasn’t just one way of doing things.

Jack started the podcast ‘Farms Advice Podcast’ to prevent the loss of intergenerational wisdom and farming practise, and to translate modern farming techniques for older generations. ‘Farms Advice Podcast’ is a two-way info exchange for between the young and old out on the field.  In weekly episodes, he provides his listeners with key takeaways and information about agribusiness.

“I’ve actually implemented a few techniques and technologies onto our family farm by what I’ve heard from guests on the show. I’d love to do a trip around Australia talking to different farmers and agribusinesses to promote opportunities to develop new connections, so it’s not lost in the generation shift from boomers to millennials and gen z’s,” Jack says.