Boosting data for SkyMuster NBN users in Regional Australia

Boosting data for SkyMuster NBN users in Regional Australia

Jul 8, 2022

Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP welcomes NBN Co’s enhancements to Sky Muster Plus satellite services, which has the potential to provide a major boost to over 108,000 households and businesses in regional and rural Australia, allowing them to do more with their data.

This will improve the quality of life for people living and working in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia by reducing data constraints associated with accessing fast and reliable broadband.

For the first time, Sky Muster Plus customers can now access video streaming and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for 16 hours a day, between midnight and 4pm, without it counting toward their monthly data allowance. Other online activities including emails, internet banking, online shopping audio streaming, video calling, and Wi-Fi calling will continue to be unmetered for the full 24 hours a day.

This change will enhance the service and productivity of businesses, and reduce cost of living pressures – particularly for the increased number of Australians continuing to work and study from home.

It also responds to continuing consumer demand for more data, including accessing more streaming and video-on-demand services, accessing live-stream and pre-recorded remote learning resources without interruption, and seamlessly connecting with family and friends.

This announcement delivers on the Labor Government’s commitment to increase NBN Satellite data allowance, unmetering Skymuster usage between midnight and 4 pm

The enhanced product offering follows the Government’s $480 million investment into upgrading and expanding the NBN fixed wireless network, which will free up satellite capacity.

In addition to the initial enhancements announced by NBN Co this week, further enhancements to Sky Muster data inclusions will occur once the fixed wireless upgrade is complete.

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