Consultancy Services

we provide a range of services to support economic development

RDA Sydney provides a range of services to support economic development either focusing on a specific industry or geographical areas.

We can assist with:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Business Ecosystem Mapping

We have the capacity to set-up and manage business mapping across defined geographic areas, looking at linkages between stakeholders, and where resources can be invested to leverage economic growth. Utilising an ecosystem mapping approach that is based on key contact interviews, data analysis and detailed discussion, we are able to provide tailored inputs that will enable you to understand how your local industry networks function and where opportunities may be. Recent projects for local governments include startup, food and beverage industry, and coworking space mapping.

Establishing Communities of Practice

With the recent commencement of our nationally funded agribusiness project and public-private partnerships coming to fruition we can announce a new offering to improve communications between stakeholders. Having crafted and tested a set of engagement strategies, to support grass-roots communities work towards a common goal, we are pleased to make available our framework and facilitation services to kick-start your next complex multi-stakeholder endeavour or community project. We believe we have found the perfect way to generate buy-in from hard-to-reach groups and overcome communication barriers.

Communities of Practice
SADIG Technology

Hosting the Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group

Our database has over 700 local manufacturers and service providers that support the Aerospace and Defence sectors. These listings detail their capabilities and key attributes. This is essential information for a sector that is expanding and attracting lucrative contracts and government attention. We offer introductory services and keep you informed of buyer-seller events being delivered by the key players in this market.

Providing Secretariat Support

We offer a range of cost-effective boutique secretariat services to suit the size of your business enterprise. Our services can be tailored to support small to medium sized businesses, charities, not for profit and affiliated organisations. With 10+ year’s experience our team has the expertise and professionalism to make a positive contribution to your organisation. We can also help organise your virtual meetings, webinars and events in addition to traditional services including agenda setting and proactively chasing up actionable items.

Secretariat Support
Submission Writing

Submission Writing

We are the perfect partner to add value to your advocacy. Providing informed insights backed up by current and factual data we can guide your thinking on regional and economic issues and contribute to your policy papers and position statements. Our data experts and economic research teams are happy to collaborate with you and co-design winning submissions, expressions of interest and grants. Offering high quality writing, data analysis and research capabilities our team is equipped to work with you and your partners on collaborative projects and joint initiatives.

Facilitating Consultative Processes

Consultation with government, industry, businesses, and community leaders is what we do extremely well. Known for our expertise in facilitation, project management and approach to relationship management we are able to share our networks and experience gained from working across many industry sectors over many years. Happy to operate both face to face and in virtual settings we have access to a range of tools and stakeholders eager to network and expand their services and knowledge.

Facilitating Consultative Processes

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