eInvoicing Week – Doing Business Better

eInvoicing Week – Doing Business Better

eInvoicing is the new, standardised way to exchange invoice data between a buyer’s and supplier’s accounting systems, irrespective of what software they are using.

REGISTER BY: 29 July 2022 to learn more

CONTACT: eInvoicing@ato.gov.au

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is running a series of eInvoicing activities and events, starting Friday 15 August 2022.

The ATO eInvoicing Week is targeting small businesses to find out how eInvoicing can help them to do better business.

There’s an eInvoicing Week calendar of planned events or you can organise an activity. Some ideas or suggestions include:

  • Talk to your small business clients and members about eInvoicing directly
  • promote eInvoicing through your communications channels such as social media, newsletters
  • run an eInvoicing info session – come and talk to us, we’d be happy to take part.
  • register and start eInvoicing – then share your experiences with your business stakeholders and community partners.

Are you tired of chasing invoices, correcting invoice mistakes and dodging email scams? Is this impacting your business cashflow? If yes, then eInvoicing is for you.

eInvoicing uses a secure network and a common standard, managed by the ATO. The ATO can’t access or see your invoicing data. Instead, it ensures that service providers adhere to strict security protocols, making the eInvoicing much safer than emails, which can be intercepted by cyber criminals.