Recycling Food & Organic Waste Workshop

Recycling Food & Organic Waste Workshop

Jun 8, 2022

Solutions to Reduce & Utilise Food Waste

Creating A Circular Economy

On the Friday 3 June RDA Sydney hosted a workshop on Recycling Food & Organic Waste. It was standing room only at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Rocks, as thought leaders in the industry discussed organic waste management solutions in both urban and regional areas. Experts from both industry and local councils shared their solutions, and together agreed, it is a large problem and one we all need to work towards finding a workable approach. An approach to firstly reduce food waste, and secondly, find ways to better utilise the waste to reduce landfill and environmental impact. Creating a circular economy! A thought provoking day leaving attendees with the knowledge of the various options currently available in Australia, as well as the inspiration to begin making a change. Key goals of the workshop:

  • Raise awareness of the need to better manage food and organic waste
  • Better understand the size of the problems
  • Highlight and promote the work that is being undertaken and showcase new innovations
  • Share insights and  to encourage collaboration