Supporting Women in Non-traditional Careers

Supporting Women in Non-traditional Careers

Jul 16, 2022

The Agrifood ITAB in partnership with the NSW Utilities and Electrotechnology ITAB and Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) are developing 9 industry specific showcase days with a focus for women.


MAE ( Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology) Career Pathfinders Project will develop current, relatable career information for the Manufacturing, Agrifood & Electrotechnology (MAE)  industries.

Industries that will be showcased are:

  • food science & beverage manufacture: (3 combined MAE industries: food processing, industry 4.0, A/C, instrumentation)
  • W/Sydney Parklands: (3 combined MAE industries: horticulture, aerospace, industry 4.0, electrical systems)
  • advanced manufacturing: (aerospace, industry 4.0, laboratory operations)
  • engineering: (fabrication, mechanical trade & industry 4.0)
  • agriculture: (beekeeping, pollination servicing, production horticulture, irrigation)
  • racing: (3 codes of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing)
  • amenity horticulture: (landscaping, landscape design, arboriculture, production nursery)
  • utilities: (renewable energy, gas/hydrogen, systems control and HV switching/linework)
  • electrotechnology: (electrical, data communication, A/C, instrumentation)

The project will benefit the Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology industries by increasing relevant, industry endorsed career data, strengthen partnerships & attracting new female candidates.

If you are a woman aged 16 – 64 and interested in participating in the showcase days or wish to follow the developments of this project and career resources please email or  0421830056.

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