Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491)

Nomination Criteria FAQ
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Why is RDA Sydney not accepting offshore applications?

RDA Sydney will not be accepting offshore applications under stream 3b and 3c until further notice.

This is due to the request from the Australian Government to prioritise on-shore applicants and the national border restrictions because of COVID-19.

What is the employment requirement under Stream 1?

An applicant must have worked in their nominated, or closely related, occupation for the 12 months immediately preceding their application in regional NSW. The employment must qualify as skilled employment under the Home Affairs points scheme, i.e. a minimum of 20 hours per week. The employment does not need to be located in the region being applied to.

I have been residing in NSW for less than 12 months, am I still eligible to apply?

If you are currently living in regional NSW, but do not meet the 12-month minimum requirement outlined under Stream 1, you may be eligible to apply for NSW nomination under Stream 3 if you have a job offer or family ties; however, preference will be being given to applicants applying under Stream 1 and meet the 12-month requirement.

I have a job offer in Regional NSW, but my current visa conditions mean I am unable to accept it, can I still apply under stream 3A?

If you cannot currently accept the job offer you wish to us to apply for nomination under Stream 3A, then offer must explicitly state that the employer is prepared to hold the job open until you have been granted your subclass 491 visa and are able to legally work the required hours per week. The genuineness of the job offer you provide with your application will be scrutinised during assessment.

I studied at a Regional NSW University, but I no longer reside in NSW. Am I still eligible under stream 2?

As long as you lived in a designated regional area of NSW while completing your study and meet the other criteria for Stream 2, you can still apply even though you no longer live in NSW.

However, you will be expected to relocate to the Hawkesbury or Blue Mountains region if you apply for a NSW nomination through RDA Sydney.

I currently reside in Australia, am I eligible to apply for NSW nomination under stream 3B?

No. Stream 3B is for offshore applicants only. Although there is no designated timeframe that an applicant must be residing offshore when applying, an applicant must demonstrate they have genuinely established residency outside Australia when applying. Applicants residing in Australia who relocate offshore solely to meet this criteria will have their applications declined.

RDA Sydney will not be accepting offshore applications under stream 3b until further notice due to the national border restrictions because of COVID-19.

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