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The NSW & ACT RDA Network

The NSW & ACT RDA network has been operating since 2009 and is part of a national initiative charged with leading economic development across the regions. Using well developed capabilities, the network works to identify, develop, and support strategic projects that encourage regional economic growth.

RDAs work in genuine partnerships with local, state and Australian governments to gather local insights, data and intelligence that will contribute to evidence-based decision making. RDAs are strategically directed by local leaders that work as a catalyst to drive innovation, investment, infrastructure, services and new jobs in their respective regions.

There are 13 RDA Committees in NSW & ACT covering all areas of the state and territory, including an RDA Committee for Sydney which covers the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

RDA Sydney has the specific remit of creating a bridge between capital city stakeholders and the regions of NSW to advance economic growth in regional NSW. RDA Sydney has a diverse network of capital city stakeholders and through these relationships has developed expertise in government relations, agribusiness, export capability, procurement, housing, circular economy and migration processes.

NSW and ACT RDA Network

Our approach to supporting the regions involves leveraging the local knowledge, expertise and networks of the 13 RDAs within NSW. Our role is to connect capital city stakeholders to the NSW RDA network and their regions.

We do this by fielding enquiries about investment, business relocation or expansion, job opportunities and lifestyle change options. We navigate your enquiries to the expertise of a local person from the NSW RDA network who can provide on the ground insights and advice.

We showcase city based expertise that may be of value to the NSW RDA regions and facilitate virtual discussions and presentation.

RDA Sydney | Supporting NSW Regions
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable

We deliver events which provide an opportunity for capital city stakeholders to hear about the opportunities available in the NSW regions and to meet local experts that can be an ongoing support for your enquiry.

We coordinate and produce the NSW RDA Prospectus, NSW RDA Infrastructure Priority Listing, submissions, and policy statements based on inputs provided by the expertise of the NSW RDA network.

We seek out connection to and partnerships with government decision makers located in the greater Sydney metropolitan area that can provide support to the NSW regions.

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