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Facilitating opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises & supply chain opportunities

RDA Sydney developed a strong support network through its initiative, the Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG), which was established in 2012. We maintained a comprehensive database of the capabilities of the 500 to 700 small and medium enterprises, promote procurement, grant and research opportunities through e-alerts and our monthly communique.

SADIG has had a long history of providing feedback to governments regarding Defence contracting processes, Small and Medium Enterprise support and grant funding.

The landscape of support over the last few years for Defence Industry in NSW has undergone remarkable change with the establishment of Defence NSW, the Defence Innovation Network and the more recently introduced Regional Defence Networks. This has been coupled with a national focus by the Australian Government on the development of local industry capability through the Office of Defence Industry Support.

Sydney Aerospace & Defence Interest Group (SADIG) was established in 2012 by RDA Sydney’s prior CEO, Bob Germaine in partnership with the Industry leader Chris Williams. This group was strongly supported by academics, other industry leaders and topic experts. The role SADIG played during this time was one of advocacy pertaining to skills development and recognition, innovation support systems and capability development. SADIG advocated strongly for the establishment of Defence NSW and the Defence Innovation Network and played a key role in advising both State and Federal Governments on the needs of Defence Industries in NSW.

RDA Sydney has hosted and facilitated the work of SADIG for the last 10 years, however it has become evident that in NSW, there now exists strong support systems and clear strategic directions. Based on this assessment, RDA Sydney has made the decision to no longer host SADIG as a separate network.

RDA Sydney will continue to provide support to those organisations that are building industry capability and providing the key strategic directions for NSW defence industries. As of 16 December 2022, the SADIG website will go offline, and no further newsletters will be circulated under the SADIG banner.

We would like to thank in particular our industry advisers, Gregor Ferguson, for his ongoing advice and insights, Jon Bradshaw, for his unwavering position on skills development, and Nigel Hennessy, for his vast knowledge regarding innovation. Their input and expertise has been much appreciated.

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