October is NSW Small Business month and the University of Technology Sydney is pleased to invite you to attend this complimentary online Masterclass to discover how environmental and social strategies can add value to your business and govern your success!

Let UTS help you set your mind for success and thrive in a sustainable world!

This masterclass is designed to:

  1. Demystify all the confusing language around ESG, climate change, decarbonisation, circular economy, materials ecology, and sustainability so you can focus on what makes sense for your business.
  2. Introduce you to frameworks, models, tools, and platforms that will make it easier for you to develop a sustainable plan for success.
  3. Inspire ideas you can easily implement that set you on the right ESG improvement pathway for your business, employees, customers, and local community.

63% of SMEs think sustainability is important but only 25% have taken any action. One reason could be that no-one has really provided a mechanism to make it easy and low cost to get the ball rolling.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to become more sustainable and report on their ESG related data. Customers, investors, and staff all ask for that and more. But business leaders have no time or spare resources for anything that doesn’t generate revenue and improve profits.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no-one expects SMEs to get to zero carbon emissions in a flash. This masterclass will help you accelerate towards ESG success at your own pace, in your own time and get a lead start in the race.

Easy to implement practices can bring competitive advantage and productivity gains. Businesses that have made sustainability a core focus have benefited from efficiency improvements, while also pursuing prosperity for people and the planet.

By reframing the challenge of compliance and risk associated with environmental and social governance (ESG), we’ll show you how to respond quickly, to make short term operational adjustments that will improve your customer and employee experience, for retention and acquisition of talent and revenue.

Register today and feel free to invite your colleagues and other SME manufacturers across your network that might benefit.

PS: Take the opportunity to work on and strengthen your small business this October with NSW Small Business Month. There are hundreds of workshops, training programs, and seminars to choose from. Search for virtual and face to face events at www.smallbusinessmonth.nsw.gov.au