Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491)

Applications are currently closed

The 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa is a provisional visa for skilled workers who wish to live and work in Regional Australia

RDA Sydney processes 491 visa applications for the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury LGA’s only

Please note that RDA Sydney will communicate with applicants via email and messaging on our website

We encourage those considering an application to view the FAQs and other links provided on this website. RDA Sydney will not respond to enquiries where the information is supplied on this page, in the FAQs and relevant links.

The only email address being monitored regarding migration enquiries is Please do not use alternate RDA Sydney email addresses as you will not receive a response.

RDA Sydney does not provide a pre-assessment service and it is up to the potential applicant to research and consider the 491 eligibility criteria or seek the advice of a migration agent which may incur a cost.

The RDA Sydney Designated Regional Area Postcodes fall within either the Hawkesbury or Blue Mountains Local Government Areas.

The RDA Sydney Subclass 491 Occupational List includes the following occupations:

  • 139912 Environmental Manager
  • 141111 Café or Restaurant Manager
  • 233211 Civil Engineer
  • 233212 Geotechnical Engineer
  • 233214 Structural Engineer
  • 233311 Electrical Engineer
  • 233512 Mechanical Engineer
  • 254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
  • 254499 Registered Nurse nec
  • 272511 Social Worker
  • 322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker
  • 331111 Bricklayer
  • 331211 Carpenter & Joiner
  • 333411 Wall & Floor Tiler
  • 334111 Plumber (General)
  • 351311 Chef

The 491 Visa Allocation for the RDA Sydney Region is very limited and highly competitive.

RDA Sydney is not a Registered Certifying Body and does not deal with other visa inquiries.

Please review the following relevant websites before proceeding:​

S48 bar

The section 48 bar applies to applicants who are holding a bridging visa, and have had a visa refused or cancelled, since their last entry into Australia.

If you are subject to a section 48 bar you need to leave Australia before you can reapply for a visa. NSW will not re-nominate applicants who are subject to a section 48 bar where their nomination has expired, and they are unable to leave Australia. Nomination allocations provided by the Department of Home Affairs are limited and it is currently uncertain when border restrictions will be lifted. To ensure the limited nomination positions allocated to NSW go to support the economic recovery of the state, RDA Sydney will not re-nominate applicants subject to a section 48 bar.

Am I eligible for a 491 Skilled Work Visa?